Importer and Exporter of Record

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If you are planning to import goods on a global scale, an IOR and EOR service is essential. Unless you have a physical presence or representative with extensive import and export experience within the country you are importing to, you will not be able to do this.

As an IOR/EOR service provider, we take responsibility for the legal side of importing goods, helping to ensure you do not incur any unnecessary costs or penalties.

With the Xtra Mile IOR/EOR service, you can rest assured that all requirements will be executed in line with the law of the country you are importing goods to.

Xtra Mile will provide Importer & Exporter of Record services and simultaneously manage all import compliance and logistics obstacles, giving you the time to focus on expanding your business in United Arab Emirates.

Take advantage of our IOR service to import your goods into an Amazon FBA in the U.A.E